Danni Giddings

Danni Giddings is a 32-year old singer-songwriter who lives in a small town in Victoria, Australia with her husband and two young children.

She started writing songs from a very early age and now enjoys the process of co-creating with many different artists and musicians from a range of music genres.

Her main instrument of choice is piano and vocals however is not afraid to work with a variety of instruments and sounds for the pursuit of creative expression.

Danni grew up listening to many different forms of music from classical, popular, straight through to heavy metal and Indie and has always had a keen ear for any sound that could be imagined into a song.

Her inspirations are numerous and wide spread believing that anything could be turned into a song and even if it's enjoyed only by her, SHOULD be turned into a song.

She has covered many popular songs and has written over 100 original songs though many of which should never see the light of day, as she puts it.